Vistim Labs

Cognitive Assessment by Stimulated Brain Activity

The lack of sensitive, objective methods to measure cognitive function in patients with neurological disorders makes clinical trials and drug development lengthy and costly, often yielding low-quality data. Our novel functional EEG-based, AI-enabled cognitive assessment collects real-time stimulated brain activity to enable the direct, objective measurement of early, previously imperceivable changes in cognitive function and detect symptom onset earlier with greater specificity than existing methods. Data from two ongoing clinical trials (n=115) demonstrate our solution can differentiate patients by amyloid status with 90.9% accuracy (sensitivity 91.3%, specificity 90.5%), can estimate amyloid burden with a root mean squared error (RMSE) below the typical threshold used for diagnosis (RMSE < 0.15), and can separate individuals with high levels of amyloid from those with mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease (p=0.002). Our current research is correlating our endpoint with clinical and cognitive outcomes evaluated by CERAD, FCSRT, and CDR assessments.

Salt Lake City, UT
James Hamet, Founder & CEO
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