PharmStars Fall 2022 cohort begins September 7, 2022

Watch Our Webinar To Learn About PharmStars

On July 15, 2021 we hosted our first live webinar to discuss the concept of PharmStars and answer common questions we have received from startup applicants.

Startup Testimonials

"All the preparation leading up to the showcase has equipped our team to effectively share with the pharma members the value of our solution. We anticipate that our company will secure one or more partnerships.”

Founder, CEO — SmartTab

“My Team was exceptionally pleased to be part of the PharmStars Showcase. One of the many pearls we took away from the very comprehensive program was exposure to and a great understanding and appreciation for how Pharma views relevant start-ups and working collaborations. For 5 years, we had to guess at what was of interest and priority for Pharma and now we have a better perspective of how best to position our company and product lines to the ‘appropriate’ champions within this critical customer base.”

CEO — nQ Medical

“The event united healthcare innovators from around the world to showcase the technology of tomorrow today. The comprehensive 10-week PharmStars program prepared digital health startups and leading pharma companies to leverage each other’s strengths, and anticipate hurdles in cooperation, with the goal to further develop solutions for the most pressing healthcare challenges of our time using latest technology and science. The event provided us with the opportunity to lay the foundation for a successful cooperation in person, and inspire industry leaders for the potential of digital health.”

CEO and Cofounder — EVOCAL Health

“All PharmStars people are incredibly kind, smart, and professional. You simply do not see this kind of team on daily basis!”

CEO — Liyfe

“This experience prompted us to re-examine the value we have to offer Pharma and think critically about how to talk about our product in simple, succinct terms. We are excited to share the result of many hours spent in class, working on our pitch, and talking through new ideas. In the end, we are confident this hard work will pay off and we will leave with promising invitations to continue the conversation with the Pharma members and their colleagues.”

CEO and Cofounder — Prism Analytic Technologies

“Great. Definitely feels like we've got a new network of insiders, which is glorious.”


“It’s nice how there are only 10-12 startups in this cohort. In contrast, a very well-known Silicon Valley accelerator we applied to before has 377 startups in their latest cohort, and I imagine that while there’s power in numbers network wise, when there are way fewer peers, you get to know everyone better and also more attention from mentors and sponsors.”

CEO — Seascape Clinical

“Not just one but all meetings over the past two days have been the most productive of any in the 5 year history of our company.”

CEO — nQ Medical

“The curriculum was excellent. I knew nothing going into this program and feel 100x better after completing PharmStars.”

Head of Operations — Prism Analytic Technologies

“PharmStars exceeded expectations. We would have participated in the program just for the one-to-one opportunities at the showcase, but it actually helped us refine our go-to-market and our investor pitch.”


“PharmStars has successfully created opportunities to meet with members to start the process; and also prepped us with knowledge to go through the process better. I think it's excellent!”

CEO — Liyfe

“PharmStars is truly a game changer for the industry and is helping accelerate the digital transformation of Pharmaceutical companies.”

Founder, CEO — SmartTab

“All of your hard work and beatings have yielded the best set of well-qualified, well prepared interactions (both start up and Pharma side) that I have ever participated in (and after 30 years that is saying something).”

CEO — nQ Medical

“Worth every penny and every second. The lessons learned and the connections established made this experience absolutely priceless.”

Head of Operations — Prism Analytic Technologies

“Overall, it was incredibly helpful for us as a company. I think we inherently knew pharma was a great vertical for our tech, but PharmStars really helped us tie the story together. It has changed our perspective on how best to address this market segment and why we should focus on it.”


“Loved the tailored, highly hands on mentoring sessions.”

CEO — Seascape Clinical

“The support was beyond my imagination, and I have learned valuable presentation skills, pharma insights, etc. All of those not only was super helpful for the showcase event, but also helpful for talking to pharma, communication, and more.”

CEO — Liyfe

“I have participated in 9 other accelerators. PharmStars is very unique. I would say most of the others followed the same script, PharmStars was very different (in a very good way). The ‘drive toward 1:1 with Pharma’ rarely happens with the other accelerators. It is clearly the best part of PharmStars. Also, no other program presents a PharmaU. They more focus on ‘BusinessU.’”

CEO — nQ Medical

“The program blew my expectations into little itty bitty pieces! I don't know what I expected but I certainly did not expect it to be this valuable and incredible on so many levels.”

Head of Operations — Prism Analytic Technologies

“It was extremely impactful in our thinking, and we also get to meet with potential customers? Fantastic.”


“Thank you very much for this amazing opportunity to engage with pharma customers under the auspices of PharmStars! We have learned much and feel good about our representation of our company to these customers.”

CEO — nQ Medical

“The educational portion of this cohort has helped our team prepare to more effectively communicate the value of advancing high-tech delivery systems to Pharma. The PharmStars team and Pharma members shared valuable insights needed to bridge the gap between our groundbreaking digital delivery platforms and the value it brings for pharmaceutical companies and ultimately patients.”

Founder and CEO — SmartTab

“To the entire PharmStars team: Thank you for this invaluable experience! The curriculum and Showcase Event were well organized and seamlessly executed. I would highly recommend PharmStars to digital health startups that are interested in working with companies in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Marketing Director — Seascape Clinical

“We went from selling at 1 big pharma company to promising prospects at 5 overnight.”

CEO and Cofounder — Prism Analytic Technologies

“We could not have signed our first customer without PharmStars.”

CEO — Seascape Clinical

“Participation in PharmStars has helped us with our fundraising. Investors came to us because of PharmStars. One VC found us through PharmStars and requested a meeting. We met with another VC and when we mentioned PharmStars, they said they knew we were graduates.”

CEO — Liyfe


Many startups are eager to engage with pharma but find it challenging to create successful partnerships. PharmStarsTM is uniquely designed to accelerate successful engagements with pharma via:

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Learn about how pharma is organized / functions and pharma needs


High-touch, personalized coaching to help you prepare a high-impact pharma pitch


Opportunities to meet with multiple potential pharma clients


Refine and articulate your best pharma value proposition

Time Savings

Immediate connection to the right person in a pharma firm

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Share and learn with other pharma-focused digital health startups

PharmaUTM Curriculum

An understanding of how pharma organizations work is foundational to creating successful partnerships with them. PharmaU equips startups with this information through interactive classes, workshops, and seminars. Leveraging our years of experience, PharmStars staff has developed a proprietary curriculum to teach startups everything they need to know about pharma. Once armed with this valuable information, startups will be able to better navigate the complex, regulated, and often opaque pharmaceutical industry.

Our curriculum is built to aid startups in understanding pharma firms’ internal structure, finding the right contact inside a particular firm, and structuring successful partnerships. By understanding pharma business objectives, startups can develop a value proposition that will better resonate with pharma leadership in negotiations.  Learning about the regulatory environment prepares startups to engage effectively with pharma and navigate many areas that can be traditional friction points.

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PharmStars expert staff will provide each startup with high-touch, individualized guidance on enhancing their business case and engaging with pharma. All mentoring is provided by the in-house PharmStars staff with years of pharma experience. We do not rely on an ad-hoc network of volunteer mentors. Mentoring topics include:

  • Defining the value proposition
  • Business model & ROI
  • Deal structure
  • Presentation preparation and refinement

The Showcase Event

PharmStars’ accelerator program culminates with the members-only Showcase Event. At this special event, startups present their refined pitches to an exclusive audience of pharma members. Our pharma members then host one-on-one meetings with cohort participants. Details of the Showcase Event will be shared with the cohort once the program begins. Please see the Program Terms for complete details on our program.

"Overnight we went from having 1 pharma client to all of a sudden being in conversations with 6 new companies, which is absolutely tremendous."

- Brendan Guerin, CEO of Prism Analytic Technology

Spring 2022 Startup Alumni

Fall 2021 Startup Alumni

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