PharmStars’ 58 Alumni Startups

Startup Testimonials

“viO HealthTech recently graduated from the fabulous PharmStars accelerator. Couldn’t recommend this program more highly. Real, practical advice and mentoring, and curated introductions to Pharma members.”

CEO, viO HealthTech

”The PharmStars experience was instrumental in our company's ability to articulate our value proposition to the pharma industry. Working with the leadership at PharmStars gave us relevant commercial guidance and valuable feedback on our business model. They created an ecosystem where Pharma companies were able to learn about our company and product, enabling the creation of a pipeline and potential partnerships. I'd recommend PharmStars to any young startup trying to build a pharma-facing business model.”

Founder & CEO,  Manta Cares

“PharmStars offered an unparalleled opportunity for us to engage with pharma innovation leaders. The insights and feedback we received have been instrumental in refining our strategy and product offering to align more closely with the needs of the pharmaceutical industry:

Co-Founder and President, KEEP Health

"Every single customer conversation at the Showcase was excellent and we have clear steps and follow ups. These have been the best one-on-ones that I've had with any pharma clients."

CEO, Biostrap

"I can’t imagine a way we could have gotten this far this quickly with so many pharma in parallel without deploying a much larger sales force."

Vice President for Product, nference

“Having a focused pharma audience made the Showcase Event very effective. Each of our pharma company meetings included multiple folks from data science and innovation. We’re optimistic that this will lead to more meetings and eventually several partnerships.”

CEO, Centaur Labs

“We walked away from the Showcase with immediate action items and continued conversations with everyone we met.”

CEO, Varient

“We went from selling at 1 big pharma company to promising prospects at 5 overnight.”

CEO and Cofounder, Prism Analytic Technologies

“It’s nice how there are only 10-12 startups in this cohort. In contrast, a very well-known Silicon Valley accelerator we applied to before has 377 startups in their latest cohort, and I imagine that while there’s power in numbers network wise, when there are way fewer peers, you get to know everyone better and also more attention from mentors and sponsors.”

CEO, Seascape Clinical

Fall 2021 Startup Graduates

Innovations in Clinical Trials
Droice Labs

RWE from EMR and Patient Data


Vocal Biomarker for Respiratory and Cardiovascular Health


Oncology Patient Engagement Platform


Participant Identification/ Management for Study Preparation

Neuroute (formerly Neucruit)

Novel Patient Recruitment

Nori Health

IBD Patient Engagement Platform

nQ Medical

Cognitive Digital Biomarker

Prism Analytic Technologies

Analytic and Visualization of Trial Design Data

Seascape Clinical

Clinical Operations Management Platform


Novel Drug Delivery Platform

Data Analytics Platform for Disparate Internal Sources

The Clinician

Decentralized Clinical Trial Management

Spring 2022 Startup Graduates

Digital Innovations in Neurological Disease

Speech Biomarkers for Screening and Monitoring MCI and Early Dementia


Gamified, Mobile App for AI-enabled Neurological Assessment

Deliberate AI

Multimodal Diagnostics Platform for Psychiatric and Neurological Conditions

Head Diagnostics

Novel Digital Biomarker for Parkinson’s Disease

HealthQb Technologies

BioPsychoSocial Behavior Modification System for Pain and Chronic Disease

Modus Health

Validated Real-World Mobility Assessment Tool


Neurological Patient Engagement Platform

Orbit Health

AI-enabled, Wearable-agnostic Platform to Track and Evaluate Parkinson’s Disease


VR Platform for Novel, Comprehensive Remote Neurocognitive Assessments

Vistim Labs

Cognitive Assessment by Stimulated Brain Activity


Home-based, Functional RWD Collected Through Video AI Platform

Fall 2022 Startup Graduates

Innovations in Real-World Evidence

High-Resolution, Biosensor-based Digital Biomarker Platform

Celero Systems

Continuous, Ingestible, One-Week, Physiological Monitoring Platform

Centaur Labs

Scalable Data Annotation Platform for Life Sciences

Citadel Discovery

AI Platform Using DNA-Encoded Libraries DELs for Drug Discovery


Powerful, User-Friendly NLP Platform Optimized for Generation of RWE


RWE Generation Platform Built on 11+ million AMC Medical Records

Promptly Health

Advanced Analytics Engine that Harmonizes RWD to Generate Insights

Scienta Lab

AI-Powered Platform for Auto-immune Diseases Modeling at the Patient Level


Queryable, Dynamic Real-World Patient Cohorts for Prospective Population Research


Genomics Data Brokerage Platform


Rare Disease Patient Community-Sourced PRO and RWE platform

Spring 2023 Startup Graduates

Digital Innovations in Women’s Health or Health Equity

Continuous, Non-invasive Digital Blood and Urine Biomarkers

Health Care Originals

Body-worn, Auscultation-based Continuous Respiratory Biomarker Platform

Health in Her HUE

Education, Care, and Community Health Platform for Black Women and Women of Color


High Accuracy, Wearable-based, AI Algorithm for Continuous Measurement of Anxiety and Depression

Local Infusion

Tech-enabled Physician-administered Infusion Centers

Manta Cares

Interactive “Maps” and Engagement Platform for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

MiMARK Diagnostics

Diagnostic Gynecological Fluid Biomarkers

My Moves Matter

Patient-centric, Neuro-friendly Patient Engagement Platform for Women with Parkinson’s Disease


Genetic Risk Prediction Tool for Pre-screening of Cancer, Cardiometabolic and Neurodegenerative Diseases


Insights Engine and WhatsApp Chatbot Promoting Global Health Equity

Samphire Neuroscience

Neurotechnology-based Therapeutic Headband for Mental and Physical Symptoms of Menstruation


Direct-to-Consumer Marketing and Adherence Platform that Delivers ROI

viO HealthTech

Continuous Remote Monitoring of Menstrual Cycles for Drug Efficacy

Fall 2023 Startup Graduates

Innovations in Therapeutic Delivery
Ampersand Health

Predictive Monitoring and Behavioral Therapeutics for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Cellular Vehicles

Scalable, “Last Mile” Automation of Cell and Gene Therapy Delivery

Digbi Health

Microbiome-Driven Care, Diagnostic, and Biomarker Platform

KEEP Health

Smart Medicine Cabinet & Interventions Platform


AI-Enabled Robotic Automation System for Cell and Gene Therapies


A Patient-verifying, Vitals-collecting, Pill-dispensing Locked Smart Device and RPM Platform


Comprehensive Data Repository and Analytics for High Value Therapeutics


“Large Language Model” Patient Medication Support and Engagement Platform

STAT Health

In-Ear Wearable for Collection of Hemodynamic Data


Data-Driven Rare Disease Patient and Caregiver Engagement Platform

ZiO Health

Hand-held Device for Real-time Monitoring of Medication Concentration Levels at the Point-of-care

Startups in the News

Orbit Health was included on Galen Growth’s list of the most promising Digital Health Ventures in 2022. Read more about it here.

Deliberate AI was awarded the Boehringer Ingelheim 2022 NY Innovation Prize for their focus on developing a data-driven, multi-model assessment of psychiatric and neurological health.  Read about this recognition here.

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