viO HealthTech

Continuous Remote Monitoring of Menstrual Cycles for Drug Efficacy

Clinical research suggests that the menstrual cycle directly impacts the efficacy of drugs metabolized by the cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzyme system. This covers 70-90% of drugs including antidepressants, diabetes medications, anti-epileptics, cardiovascular therapies, some cancer therapeutics, and pain medications. However, pharma lacks a practical and consistent mechanism to monitor these efficacy changes. Our solution remotely identifies menstrual cycle phases using continuous Core Body Temperature (cCBT) as a digital biomarker for progesterone. Our solution is an FDA cleared, CE and UKCA marked, class II medical device. Our 4,000+ active users have a 92% device compliance rate and enter additional self-reported data on drug doses, timing, mood, pain, etc. Our solution is 99% accurate for determining the cycle phase data needed for effective dose timing. Built on data from over 240,000 recorded cycles, we have published 11 clinical papers/posters on cCBT as a menstrual cycle biomarker and on screening and monitoring various women’s health conditions. We are now collecting data to demonstrate that our product can be used to enable personalized timing and dosing for drugs based on an individual’s menstrual cycle patterns.

Camberley, UK and Old Saybrook, CT
Rob Milnes, CEO
Craig Citron, COO
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