Genomics Data Brokerage Platform

Drug discovery is a long, challenging, and expensive process that can be substantially de-risked with adequate access to genomic and microbiome data. Relevant omics data is required to train machine learning (ML) models that can shorten the drug discovery timeline. However, acquisition of omics data is expensive and requires complex legal and technical procedures. We solve this problem by enabling private companies to share their genomic and microbiome data via a central platform that encodes, enriches, and integrates omics data to facilitate easy access by pharma. Our federated architecture keeps the raw data secure for the data custodian, while allowing researchers to train their ML models and run instant analyses. We have significant demand from diagnostics and pharma firms to use our platform which provides access to nearly 100,000 samples, including 30,000 microbiome samples and 70,000 genomic samples. Expansion of our platform is underway to integrate additional microbiome datasets, including 300,000+ genomic samples with associated phenotypic data.

London, UK
Daniel Sozonov, Founder
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