Queryable, Dynamic Real-World Patient Cohorts for Prospective Population Research

Real-world data studies are often limited because static databases alone cannot completely reveal the dynamic patient journey. Traditional site-based, observational research, however, is also restricted by the prohibitive cost and time required. These constraints limit pharma’s ability to understand the natural history of disease, the impact of their therapies, and the lived experiences of patients. Our platform links patient EMR records from 10 million patients across the UK, Australia, and the US, with data collected directly from patients at home, including ePROs, device data, and bio-samples. We create novel, real-world, consented “patient cohorts” in specific diseases, effectively combining the strengths of real-world data studies and traditional site-based research. Sponsors can directly access and query these patient cohorts to collect additional prospective data. By providing access to pre-consented patients, we eliminate the need for standalone study protocols and site selection. Our platform facilitates patient enrollment and data collection at the speed of a text message. Our solution has been successfully deployed for 7 indications, with 3 more due to begin shortly. We have enrolled over 5,000 patients into studies and are currently working with multiple global pharma companies.

London, UK
Matt Wilson, M.D., CEO
Gabriel Koslover, Strategic Initiatives Lead
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