Direct-to-Consumer Marketing and Adherence Platform that Delivers ROI

Pharma loses potential revenue due to the challenge of finding new patients and supporting existing patients’ journeys. Patient engagement programs used to help are typically disjointed, sporadic, and struggle to maintain relationships that span the full patient journey. We have built a comprehensive, personalized FDA-regulated engagement platform that delivers condition-specific programs to educate and support patients in driving healthy behavior change while extracting patient journey insights and enabling targeted D2C advertising. Patients on our platform demonstrate a 20% higher rate of medication adherence. We also help drive enhanced prescription revenue through advertising efficacy that is 4X greater than other digital channels for targeting and switching patients. Our platform produces robust clinical outcome and health economic data through RCTs, RWE studies, and insurance claims-based validation. We have commercial partnerships with several leading pharmaceutical companies that have experienced a 10:1 ROI with our platform. We have onboarded over 5 million patients, 4 million of whom are women. Current programs include women’s health, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and oncology. We can rapidly add new conditions. Given the size and breadth of our platform, we can also provide targeted clinical trial recruitment from underserved populations to enhance trial diversity.

New York, NY
Chris Wasden, Chief Strategy Officer
Alec Moretti, Director Pharma
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