The Clinician

Decentralized Clinical Trial Management

The Clinician helps clinical trials sponsors run effective, decentralized trials by enabling real-time access to patient-generated data. Their educational, digital experience for patients drives better recruitment and retention. Using bi-directional patient communication and engagement, their solution also collects subjective measures such as patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) & electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) in unsupervised environments, turning them into objective, quantified measures. Data is visualized in dashboards at both the individual and population level and is instantly actionable, triggering both alerts when patients are at risk as well as clinician workflows to adjust dosing or address tolerability. Selected for its exceptional engagement rates, security, and scalability, the Singaporean Ministry of Health, Israel’s Clalit and top 10 pharma companies have used The Clinician’s solution to power over 1000 projects.


Auckland, New Zealand


Contact Information

Ron Tenenbaum, CEO -

Tamaryn Hankinson, Managing Director -

Auckland, New Zealand
Ron Tenenbaum, CEO
Tamaryn Hankinson, Managing Director
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