VR Platform for Novel, Comprehensive Remote Neurocognitive Assessments

Today, cognitive assessments and monitoring of CNS drugs are limited in scope, subjective, time-consuming, and require specially-trained personnel. Leveraging the unique power of virtual reality (VR) and machine learning, our solution gathers and analyzes rich, objective neurological and functional data quickly and much more cost effectively. Our self-administered home-use tests generate quantitative assessments across a comprehensive set of neurological functions through a singular VR experience. Our integrated multi-sensor approach eliminates the variability of traditional assessment methods and improves the potential for personalized, longitudinal monitoring of a drug’s efficacy, side-effects, and adherence. Our platform is built from over 40,000 datasets and has demonstrated high sensitivity and specificity (concussion: AUC= 0.95, dementia: AUC= 0.825), as well as positive correlation with cognitive functional endpoints (MMSE: corr = 0.7).

Cambridge, MA
Shaun Patel, PhD, Cofounder & CEO
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