Orbit Health

AI-enabled, Wearable-agnostic Platform to Track and Evaluate Parkinson’s Disease

The current lack of objective biomarkers makes the evaluation of Parkinson’s symptoms and treatment efficacy extremely challenging and raises the cost and length of clinical trials. Self-reporting diaries and expert evaluations are labor-intensive, time-consuming and subjective, only offering snapshots of data. Our AI-enabled platform uses commercially available smartwatches to offer objective, convenient, minute-by-minute information on motor symptoms and treatment response in a real-world setting. Derived from the gold standard clinical rating scale, our system tracks disease progression and supports treatment personalization, ultimately enhancing patient engagement and optimizing care. Our solution has been validated with over 300 patients from renowned institutions including LMU and Schön Klinik in Germany and National Neuroscience Institute in Singapore. Our research is published in peer-reviewed journals including Nature Scientific Reports and NeurIPS.

Munich, Germany
Patty Lee, CEO & Cofounder
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