Insights Engine and WhatsApp Chatbot Promoting Global Health Equity

To drive medication sales, pharma must understand the nuances of its market and patients’ perception of its drug. Traditional pharma market research methods, such as focus groups and surveys, do not provide sufficient segmentation of patient populations. Employing behavioral science principles, our WhatsApp chatbot and insight engine supports the personalization of a patient’s journey from awareness through treatment by using repeated interactions to predict future healthcare-seeking behaviors. Market access and brand teams use our insights engine, which combines chatbot engagement data with aggregated survey data and powerful statistical models, to segment patients by disease knowledge and health behaviors. Merck used our insights engine to analyze - by demographics, socio-economic status, and likely behavioral response - thousands of Kenyans' knowledge and behaviors around cervical cancer screening and prevention. Ninety, an insurance company collaborating with Merck, is using our engine to design and launch an insurance product for women's cancers in this population. Over 1.5 million people in India, Kenya, and Nigeria have used our platform. We are building partnerships to expand into additional disease states and new geographies to promote health equity globally.

Sudbury, MA
Siddhartha Goyal, Co-Founder & CEO
Benjamin Bellows, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer
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