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Patient-centric, Neuro-friendly Patient Engagement Platform for Women with Parkinson’s Disease

Women with neurological conditions have unique physical and psychosocial needs based on ethnicity and age. They can suffer delayed diagnosis, lower drug efficacy, and poorer access to care and research, resulting in lower trial participation rates and poorer health outcomes. Our disease-agnostic patient engagement platform supports the patient journey of women with neurological conditions. Starting with Parkinson’s, we simultaneously track symptoms, medications, and hormone levels, providing personalized insights that support adherence and behavioral changes which improve quality of life. Designed by and for women with Parkinson's, with input from neurologists, including the President of the European Academy of Neurology, our solution has a unique, neuro-accessible design, including voice and video logging, to improve engagement and persistence. The platform collects longitudinal real-world data and facilitates the identification of clinical trial candidates, including potential sub-groups. Our upcoming release will also provide access to therapeutic programs and community support. This fall, we will run a prospective study to quantify the menstruation cycle’s impact on Parkinson's symptoms and drug efficacy.

Richelle Flanagan, CEO
Rene Reinbacher, CTO
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