Modus Health

Validated Real-World Mobility Assessment Tool

Pharma is under increasing pressure from the FDA, patients, and payers to demonstrate real-world mobility improvements in their neurological trials. Traditional measures of mobility in the clinic do not necessarily correlate with improved mobility in daily life. Our wearable and validated digital endpoints are in use worldwide for measuring real-world walking quantity, intensity, and duration. Our solution is proven to more reliably measure walking in people with walking impairments. In a comparison study between our wearable and others, our solution demonstrated superior accuracy of 98% +- 12%. Other wearables such as Fitbit Charge (52% +-43%) and ActiGraph (26% +- 25%) were not only less accurate on average but were unable to detect walking during a six-minute walk test in 28% and 2% of patients, respectively. Our customers include Pfizer, Bayer US, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, and other major pharma. We are actively supporting a Phase 3 trial in 55 sites around the world.

Edmonds, WA
Teri Chou, CEO
Chris Green, CTO
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