MiMARK Diagnostics

Diagnostic Gynecological Fluid Biomarkers

Developing safe, effective treatments for gynecological diseases can be challenging for pharmaceutical companies due to the unexplored nature of these conditions and the difficulty in tailoring treatment approaches without adequate diagnostic testing. Our novel in-vitro immunoassay analyzes gynecological fluids for more accurate diagnoses of endometrial cancer. By analyzing protein biomarkers in these accessible fluids, we detect molecular alterations acquired in gynecological disorders. This enables easier, faster, and more effective diagnosis and treatment decisions in clinical trials and beyond. Using our proprietary algorithm and uterine fluid protein biomarkers, our first in-vitro diagnostic immunoassay is a “rule-out” test for endometrial cancer with a 99% sensitivity and an 87% specificity. Leveraging our unique expertise in cervical and uterine fluid analysis, we are developing additional diagnostics for a range of gynecological conditions, including ovarian cancer and endometriosis.

Barcelona, Spain
Marina Rigau, Co-founder & CEO
Eva Colás, Co-founder and CSO
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