Manta Cares

Interactive “Maps” and Engagement Platform for Cancer Patients and Caregivers

In clinical trials of complex conditions like cancer, the overall information burden on patients isoverwhelming. Patients actively seek accurate, contextual education about their disease and medications during trials and beyond. Lack of access to usable, high-value information and caremanagement resources causes medication non-compliance and trial dropout. Our team of patients and physicians have built a much-needed, patient- and caregiver- centric education and engagement platform that meets patients' clinical, emotional, financial, and logistical demands. Our structured paper and digital notebooks help patients and caregivers manage their care journey, including accessing psychosocial support. Unlike generic engagement platforms, our solution provides information at the right time through interactive, disease-specific “subway maps.” We enable patient care decisions and provide links to relevant, drug-specific patient support programs. Pharma can access real-world patient reported outcomes, experience measures, and behavioral insights from hard-to-reach patients. Over 4,000 oncology patients and caregivers have engaged our platform through partnerships with hospitalsand advocacy groups, with a net promoter score of 80. Our platform is customizable for different diseases, languages, and targeted promotional content. Beyond our popular paper journals, our digital platform will be available for breast and prostate cancer, followed by lung, colorectal, and GI cancers.

San Francisco, CA
Samira Daswani, Founder & CEO
Molly Lindquist, Head of Commercial
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