Local Infusion

Tech-enabled Physician-administered Infusion Centers

Approximately 90% of non-oncology drugs are infused or injected and 80% require physicianadministration. Complex insurance authorization combined with a lack of physician and hospitalresources lead to poor access to quality, timely care and poor patient adherence. Our solution is a personalized infusion and injectable care management and outcomes data collection platform. Our combined comprehensive in-person medication administration and post-treatment monitoring ensures more patients with chronic conditions and rare diseases get therapy faster. Our platform includes electronic referrals and prescribing, text-based patient communications, and adverse event tracking. Patients at our New Hampshire and Maine facilities are scheduled for treatment 40-60% faster, with a patient net promoter score of 96. Our long-term relationships with patients and providers allow us to collect robust outcomes and health economic data. Our expansion plans include providing care to underserved rural areas in New England, primarily serving women and low-income patients with conditions that  require infusion or injection therapies, such as MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Crohn’s Disease.

Nashville, TN
Tina Liu, Head of Product
Woody Baum, CEO
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