HealthQb Technologies

BioPsychoSocial Behavior Modification System for Pain and Chronic Disease

Despite pharmacological intervention, many patients with chronic disease continue to experience low medication adherence, sub-optimal outcomes, and low quality of life (QoL). Up to 50% of chronic disease is modulated by behavioral, psychological, and social (”psycho-social”) factors, yet current treatment approaches do not identify or manage these key contributing factors for individuals. Our platform objectively measures, prioritizes, and targets a patient’s personalized “hidden” psycho-social factors that contribute to their persistent illness. By combing assessments, daily practices, and wearable sensor data, our solution reinforces sustained behavior change while objectively measuring patient outcomes and real world data. Our app and HCP remote monitoring portal are currently supporting 50 chronic pain patients, helping them discover and manage their flare-up frequency and severity. Our platform can be adapted to support a variety of neurological illnesses and enhance QoL and patient outcomes.

Vancouver BC, Canada
Guy Davis, CEO
Greg Elliott, Clinical Leader
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