Centaur Labs

Scalable Data Annotation Platform for Life Sciences

Pharma companies are investing in data science capabilities to gather data from large, disparate sources so that it can be mined for new insights that accelerate drug discovery and development. But to make use of these datasets, data scientists must first annotate the data to normalize fields across many sources and enrich it with additional information. High-quality human data annotation is the gold standard but is slow, tedious, and expensive, leading to delayed AI and analytics projects in drug discovery and development. Our platform delivers high-quality data annotations at unprecedented speed and scale. We generate 2 million annotations weekly from our proprietary network of tens of thousands of doctors, medical students, and other professionals, all of whom compete on our gamified platform to annotate data most accurately. Our platform handles a wide variety of data, including unstructured clinical notes, scientific papers, radiographic images, pathology slides, auscultation audio files, and more. Our platform can be used to annotate medical notes and scientific papers for pharmacovigilance and marketing teams. It can also serve to identify and segment structures in pathology slides for R&D teams. In addition to pharma, our platform is being used by leading academic provider institutions such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Boston, MA
Erik Duhaime, CEO
Alison Devaney, B2B Marketing Lead
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