Celero Systems

Continuous, Ingestible, One-Week, Physiological Monitoring Platform

The continuous monitoring of a patient’s respiratory, cardiac, core body temperature, GI motility and other activities is critical to understanding how a drug is tolerated. This monitoring is needed both at baseline and during a drug regimen, but it has been historically nearly impossible to come by. Our solution is a discreet, ingestible sensor which provides continuous monitoring of a patient’s physiology for a week at a time. Our ingestible sensor generates superior RWE and captures biometric information from the stomach, heart, lungs, and GI system. Our technology can record and communicate the collected RWE on a continuous basis. Our ingestible platform has demonstrated 95%+ accuracy in monitoring respiration and cardiac activity in patients who underwent a polysomnography study. Our platform has been validated in animals and is continuing to undergo testing in humans at the University of West Virginia. In addition to monitoring physiology for seven days, our ingestible platform is being configured to deliver medications.

Lincoln, MA
Benjamin Pless, CEO
Craig Patterson, Chief Financial Officer
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