Speech Biomarkers for Screening and Monitoring MCI and Early Dementia

Screening procedures for Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials are expensive and time-consuming, and a large share of potential participants fail the screening criteria due to necessary, restrictive eligibility criteria. Our device-agnostic speech biomarkers platform is an effective prescreening tool to identify mild cognitive impairment and early dementia with a sensitivity of 91% and a specificity of 89%. Our CE-approved platform has been used with more than 2500 people in partnership with major European insurance providers. Our tool is objective, readily scalable, reduces the time of diagnosis and can be used remotely. Furthermore, our speech biomarkers are available in multiple languages. At present, more than 40 neurologists and neuropsychologists at various locations are using our platform to monitor their patients' mild cognitive impairments. Additionally, our solution is deployed within a clinical trial with 1800 participants to detect and monitor MCI and dementias.

Barcelona, Spain
Carla Zaldua, CEO
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