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Meredith Cohen
PharmStars has officially launched!

We are excited to introduce the first and only pharma-focused digital health accelerator aimed at bridging the pharma-startup gap. A woman-owned business, PharmStars curates and provides tailored pharma education and personalized mentoring to digital health startups preparing to engage pharmaceutical or biotech companies as clients or collaborators.

Experience PharmaU

PharmStars’ team of seasoned pharma executives and digital health entrepreneurs – with experience in digital health, innovation, and education – will lead a 10-week program comprised of both classes and mentoring sessions. Our curriculum, which includes topics such as pharma’s organizational structure, the business of pharma, the regulatory environment, and current industry drivers, is designed to help you better understand the pharma industry in order to best position yourself for success.

The Culmination – Our Showcase Event

PharmStars’ accelerator program culminates with a members-only Showcase Event. At this special event, startups present their refined pitches to an exclusive audience of pharma members. Our pharma members then host one-on-one meetings with cohort participants.

Join Us! 2021 Cohort Applications Open Now

PharmStars welcomes all digital health startups with an interest in partnering with pharma to apply to join our 2021 Cohort. For this first cohort, priority will be given to startups with all types of clinical trial innovations.

Applications are due July 21, 2021 – APPLY NOW!

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