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Naomi Fried, PhD

**Original podcast published by pharmaphorum on December 15, 2022

On this pharmaphorum podcast, host Jonah Comstock takes us to the PharmStars presentation in November 2022 at the Boston Seaport, with interviews conducted at the event. The topic: Innovations in Real-World Evidence.

Jonah speaks with: Dr Shrawan Patel, PharmStars mentorship director; Aidan Doyle head of data insights and analytics at Alexion; uMed founder Matt Wilson; Jim Cronin, senior director of R&D and IT at Alexion; and Akanksha Mehta, an investor at Transformation Capital.

They discuss the current need for real-world data and real-world evidence to augment and supplement clinical trial data, as well as the many challenges to finding, harmonising, and analysing that data. And, in between, Jonah describes the start-ups at the event and their different approaches to tackling these thorny problems.

You can listen to episode 71 of the pharmaphorum podcast here .

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