PharmStars featured on the Outcomes Rocket podcast

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Naomi Fried, PhD

Original podcast published by Outcomes Rocket on September, 2021

In this Pharma Outcomes Rocket episode, we are privileged to have two special guests. Naomi Fried is the founder and CEO of Pharmstars and Laura Gunn is the Managing Director of Pharmstars,  the first pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups.

Naomi and Laura discuss how Pharmstars address the gap between pharma manufacturers and startups. They share how the accelerator educates and mentors startups, how it facilitates and accelerates successful partnerships, how it reduces the gap between pharma and digital health startups, and more. They also talk of the Pharmstars leverage as the only accelerator in the space with a comprehensive curriculum that’s built and tailored for digital health startups that want to work with pharma.

If you are a startup looking to learn more about pharma or a pharma manufacturer looking to improve your digital health innovations, this interview is for you. Please tune in!

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