PharmStars featured on Evermed’s Pharma Launch Secrets Podcast

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Naomi Fried, PhD

Original episode published by Evermed’s Pharma Launch Secrets on February 16, 2023

On this podcast, host Bozidar Jovicevic talks with Naomi Fried, Founder and CEO of PharmStars about bridging the “Pharma-Startup Gap.” They discuss how pharma companies and digital-health startups can work effectively to bring products to market faster.  Some of the topics covered include:

🤝 What are the three biggest mistakes that digital health startups make when approaching pharma companies?

🤞 Can startups strike a 7-figure deal with pharma in seven months?

🧗 What is the number one challenge that pharma faces when engaging with startups?

You can listen to this episode of the Pharma Launch Secrets podcast here .

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