How PharmStars is different from other Accelerators

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Naomi Fried, PhD

PharmStars: A Novel Digital Health Accelerator

Digital health is transforming healthcare and will shape the future of pharma. But digital health startups and pharma have historically struggled to successfully work together. Today there’s a solution: PharmStars — the first and only pharma-focused accelerator for digital health startups looking to work with pharma.

What makes PharmStars unique?


PharmStars is the first and only non-proprietary accelerator focused exclusively on the needs of digital health startups that want to engage pharma.


The pharma industry is vast, regulated, and difficult for startups to navigate. PharmStars features PharmaU: a comprehensive, tailored curriculum focused on the business of pharma. At the end of the 10-week educational program, startups will understand how pharma companies think and how best to engage them in deals and partnerships.


PharmStars is built and run by former pharma executives and digital health entrepreneurs. We have experienced the challenges of building successful pharma-digital health relationships. Now, we are sharing what we have learned, including lots of practical tips that digital health firms can use to engage with pharma more successfully.

Partnership Opportunities

Our pharma members understand that it can be challenging to create successful partnerships with digital health startups. They have committed to meeting with PharmStars graduates that are aligned to their digital health strategy. These meetings will be a chance to get the ball rolling in forming mutually successful partnerships between digital health startups and pharma.

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